The application for the School on the Move Prize is now available! Deadline is April 28. 2023.


What We Do

We spotlight and seed school-based efforts with potential for system change through the School on the Move Prize and the Racial Equity Seed Fund and spread impact through BPS Arts Expansion, Zeroing in on Math, and Career Pathways.

Racial Equity Seed Fund

The Racial Equity Seed Fund is an action-based learning community that implements, tests, and scales solutions to advance racial equity.

Racial equity in education can only be achieved if every child regardless of race or ethnicity has access to the opportunities, resources, and support they need to thrive. We believe that in order to solve racial inequities in education, we must address the root causes of systemic oppression in our schools.

We believe the greatest potential for impact comes from working together in community and meaningfully involving those most impacted by racial inequities and racism in decision making, solution development, and implementation.

We’re partnering with school-based equity roundtable teams, community organizations focused on racial equity, the Boston Public Schools, and Boston University to advance this important work. Together we are:

  • Building a learning community that centers those most impacted to understand the root causes of systemic inequity in schools and pose potential solutions.
  • Testing promising strategies across different schools, analyzing results, and adjusting for improvement using a Network Improvement Community model.
  • Influencing citywide change by sharing what we learn with policy makers, spreading best practices across Boston, and building the capacity of schools and the district to sustain continuous advancement of the work.