What We Do

We spotlight and seed school-based efforts with potential for system change through the School on the Move Prize and the Racial Equity Seed Fund and spread impact through BPS Arts Expansion, Zeroing in on Math, and Career Pathways.

Career Pathways

The Career Pathways initiative partners with local stakeholders across sectors to prepare Boston students for postsecondary and career success.

High quality college and career pathways from secondary through postsecondary, connected to the workforce, can lead to meaningful careers with family-sustaining wages. Career pathways built on best practices provide access to rigorous coursework, non-academic student supports, exposure to work-based learning and career readiness, and opportunities for college and career exploration.

We believe that expanding access to career pathways is a key strategy to increase student engagement, relevance, and quality options toward a meaningful future.

Our our approach is to:

  • Seed new career pathways in Boston schools aligned with labor market demand
  • Support academically rigorous & industry aligned pathways districtwide
  • Structure cross-sector, citywide efforts to develop and scale quality pathways from secondary to postsecondary to workforce

Through our Career Pathways initiative we’re increasing the number of Boston students who progress through career pathways that are engaging and relevant, address community needs, and prepare young people to enter meaningful careers. With our cross-sector partners in New Skills Boston, we’re improving systems and eliminating structural barriers to make quality career pathways accessible to more young people in Boston.