What We Do

We spotlight and seed school-based efforts with potential for system change through the School on the Move Prize and the Racial Equity Seed Fund and spread impact through BPS Arts Expansion, Zeroing in on Math, and Career Pathways.

BPS Arts Expansion

Boston Public Schools (BPS) Arts Expansion is a citywide, public-private partnership to expand and ensure equitable, quality arts instruction for all students.

Through BPS Arts Expansion, we’ve increased the number of BPS students receiving arts education by 17,000 annually.

BPS Arts Expansion’s strategy is to:

  • Expand direct arts instruction for students during the school day;
  • Build the capacity of the District to strengthen school-based arts instruction across all schools;
  • Improve coordination of partnerships with arts and cultural groups and higher education institutions to support high quality arts programming in the schools; and
  • Ensure long-term sustainability and ownership.

Working together over 15 years, BPS Arts Expansion has the continued goal of increasing equitable access to quality arts education for Boston's public school students, and has emerged as a national leader in expanding quality arts education.