EdVestors Announces $485,000 in Arts Expansion Grants to Boston Public Schools

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Current Work

New Skills Boston

New Skills Boston aims to dramatically increase the number of Black, Latinx, special education, and English Learner students who participate in engaging, relevant and equitable career pathways and are prepared to enter meaningful careers.

Career Pathways Grants and Technical Assistance

Career Pathways Expansion Planning Grants provide interested schools with technical support for a year of planning to develop a new career pathway. These pathways enable college and career readiness, technical competencies, work-based learning, postsecondary opportunities and credentialing.

Foundations of Career and Academic Learning (FOCAL) Grants support schools who are interested in integrating school-wide efforts around career readiness, with specific attention on leveraging personalized learning plans or MyCAP. This work supports enhancing career exploration and learning for all students.

Initiative for Deepening and Expanding Access to Learning through Career Pathways (IDEAL) Grants support schools and their career-focused nonprofit partner organizations to increase student access and persistence in existing career pathways by supporting pathway development in one of six quality elements defined by DESE.