EdVestors is now accepting grant applications for the School-based Examinations of Equity in K-12 Mathematics (SEEK) Grant.

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A critical element of BPS Arts Expansion is the grantmaking Fund. The BPS Arts Expansion Fund is used to empower BPS schools to embrace, expand and deepen arts instruction in schools.

Access the BPS Arts Expansion Grant Application for the 2022-2023 School Year here. There are three BPS Arts Expansion Grant Opportunities available:

  1. School Arts Index Grants to increase access to quality arts education as measured by the BPS School Arts Index.
  2. Career-Connected Learning Grants to increase or enhance access to quality arts career learning opportunities in grades 9-12
  3. Individual Arts Educator Grants to support individual arts teachers and teaching artists with professional development and supplies

Please click here for a recording of the Grant Information Session.

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If you have any questions, please e-mail artsfund@edvestors.org.

School arts data is available below:

  1. PreK-8 BPS Arts Inventory Data
  2. Secondary (High) School BPS Arts Inventory Data

For a list of 2021-2022 BPS Arts Expansion Grantees, please click here