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When We Say Math Is For Everyone, Let’s Make Sure We Mean It

Providing today’s students with the mathematics skills they need to succeed in the future is as essential and urgent as ever, whether they’re making scientific breakthroughs, launching their businesses, or analyzing data to make decisions in any field.

As schools continue to respond to the effects of pandemic-related disruptions to math learning alongside a call from students for more relevance in their education experience,  districts need to make math-specific investments in high-quality instructional materials, professional learning for teachers, and equity-minded policies and practices to improve math outcomes for all students. In addition, their approach must focus on building strong math identities among students.

EdVestors, a Boston-based school improvement nonprofit, launched Math is for Everyone to increase equitable outcomes in mathematics across Boston Public Schools. Since 2021, we have worked with a cohort of teachers and coaches to improve math teaching and learning. Student and educator mindsets related to math emerged as a critical component of improvement efforts. Three schools from the current Math is for Everyone cohort provide examples of strategies that are helping students develop strong identities as math learners.

Read the full op-ed by Heather Johnson, Vice President, Programs, Strategy & Impact, here.