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Announcements / Lessons for Boston on how schools and school districts improve

Lessons for Boston on how schools and school districts improve

The June 6, 2022 CommonWealth Magazine op-ed article authored by EdVestors President & CEO Marinell Rousmaniere, "Lessons for Boston on how schools and school districts improve" reflects on experiences of school improvement in Boston Public Schools and elsewhere and how those can drive change for the future. At EdVestors, we have spotlighted, studied, and partnered with improving schools in Boston and followed the national research – including Karin Chenoweth’s Districts That Succeed – that shares insightful best practices on improving schools and districts. From the article:

Across the board, we’ve found that effective school and district leadership are at the core of improvement and success. As Chenoweth posits, and as I’ve observed and experienced through my work, strong superintendents support the needs and learning of principals, strong principals prioritize the needs and learning of teachers, and strong teachers focus on the needs of and learning of students.
EdVestors President & CEO Marinell Rousmaniere

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