Research & Insights / Keeping the Room Full: Final Thoughts on the 2022 Bloomberg Arts Internship Program

Keeping the Room Full: Final Thoughts on the 2022 Bloomberg Arts Internship Program

The 2022 Bloomberg Arts Internship (BAI) summer program culminated in a Final Celebration at the Central Boston Public Library in Copley Square on August 26. Interns gave presentations on their experiences in the various BAI program components, including college essay writing sessions, 7-week arts management internships at local arts non-profit organizations and cultural institutions, college and career readiness activities, communication & executive coaching seminars, and arts and culture tours & workshops. 

Interns took great pride in sharing their stories with supportive worksite supervisors, Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) Career Specialists, Bloomberg Philanthropies staff, and BAI program partners in attendance. BAI intern, Trevell Brown, stressed the importance of maintaining relationships forged during the summer program, sharing that he learned “to build new connections because there is a room full of artists. There is a room full of entrepreneurs. There is a room full of people who can help you later.”

In October 2022, several interns put Trevell’s words into action. Eaton Veiga, Jackie Mirabella, Lucy Jura, Mistchnache Prinston, Rayne Corn, and Sheena Lafalaise accepted school year internships with Abilities Dance Boston, The Huntington, Actors' Shakespeare Project, American Repertory Theater, StageSource, and Sociedad Latina respectively where they are building their professional skills and networks atop the strong foundations they set in the summer.

These interns continue to learn about the inner workings of local arts organizations and use their talents to strengthen Boston’s arts & culture sector, a sector that thrives when young people are invited to offer their perspectives and positioned as changemakers. They help plan and lead arts education and enrichment programming for students; assist with social media content and marketing for upcoming events and performances; engage stakeholders through community outreach; and share creative ideas during department staff meetings. 

It has been a pleasure to witness their growth and see them step into leadership roles at their respective worksites. While BAI school year internships will end in June 2023, we look forward to offering this group and other BAI alums more leadership opportunities next summer.

As we anticipate hiring 55 BAI interns for the summer 2023 program, the BAI team is working with the SY22-23 Alumni Advisory Council to build their facilitation and peer mentoring skills so that they feel well-equipped to support next summer's larger cohort. The Alumni Advisory Council consists of 6 BAI alums from various cohort years: Olive Keyes (BAI '22), Fiona Shine Duncan (BAI '21), Trevell Brown (BAI '22), Jeremy Cepeda Moreno (BAI '20), Dawn Nguyen (BAI '22), and Laylah Arango (BAI '22)

These peer leaders participate in intention-setting meetings with BAI staff to identify and develop action plans for their personal and professional goals; demonstrate leadership skills by designing, coordinating, and facilitating events that engage fellow alums; participate in recruitment activities to share BAI experience with prospective BAI interns;  and lead community building and check-in activities with interns throughout the summer.

The creative ideas, infectious enthusiasm, and valuable feedback our alums bring to the planning and implementation of BAI programming is immeasurable. What they bring to the entire Boston arts & culture sector is immeasurable. There are rooms full of young artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives all over the city of Boston - and we are dedicated to helping keep those rooms full.