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Current Work

EdVestors partners with teachers, school leaders, district administrators, and external collaborators to help improve the mathematics education experiences and outcomes for every Boston public school student. Our goal is that all students experience success in mathematics and develop strong identities as mathematics learners that prepare them for broad academic, career, and social opportunities.

Our work is currently done through a three-pronged strategy involving school teachers and administrators, district leaders, and external partners. More specifically, we collaborate with schools to support improvements in mathematics teaching and learning, strategically engage with district leaders to align with district priorities and support major initiatives, and partner with external colleagues to identify and collectively solve challenging math issues within Boston public schools.

School-level grantmaking

We launched the Math is for Everyone (MifE) initiative in 2021 to partner with schools to increase equitable enrollment and student success in mathematics. Teachers and administrators within each school lead unique projects focused on one of three key areas: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Pedagogy; Equitable Mathematics Pathways; and Mathematics Culture: Identity and Agency. EdVestors staff work with project leads to support planning and implementation, including building opportunities for cross-school learning and collaboration.

District-level partnerships and community-level coordination

We believe that coupling our school-based cohorts with deep, sustained partnerships with mathematics champions and leaders throughout Boston is essential to ensure that our work leads to system impact that lasts beyond a given grant period.

We engage with leaders from the BPS Mathematics Department and across the district to understand and support priorities related to mathematics teaching and learning.

Mathematics Pathways Designer Program

The Mathematics Pathway Designers Program is a week-long summer program for high school juniors and seniors and college freshmen and sophomores. Students, known as Designers, will come together to codesign a fourth year high school math course and study principles of design thinking for equity under the guidance of Dr. Anjali Deshpande, Mathematics Director.