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Initiatives / Zeroing in on Math / Current Work

Current Work

Math is for Everyone is a school-based initiative that provides grants for the district and schools representing grades 3-12 to implement and engage projects designed by teachers and administrators for specific challenges faced within their schools.

Each project, though different, focuses on one of three key areas: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy/Teaching, Mathematics Culture: Identity and Agency, and Equitable Mathematics Pathways. Activities associated with projects include survey development, administration, and analysis, instructional coaching, book study, collective problem-solving, professional development, project-based learning, supplemental tutoring, and use of virtual reality tools in mathematical problem-solving.

Supports: Examples of support provided to project leads are planning and design support, problem identification, data collection and analysis, assistance in collaboration between leads, and partnering to improve project’s focus and impact. Projects are slated to be funded for up to three years. Over time, support may change or shift to different aspects, depending on the needs of each school.

Goals: While schools are engaged with different projects and activities and possess different goals, common goals among the projects include:

  • Schools successfully implement projects aligned with their chosen goal area, monitor progress, and iterate in context.
  • Teachers experience growth in their mathematical pedagogical knowledge, skills, and abilities to support student learning and development.
  • Students experience growth in their mathematics performance and beliefs about their abilities as mathematics learners and improved culture within their mathematics classes.

District Collaboration
We engage with district-level administrators regularly to understand and support priorities identified by the district as well as shifts that happen throughout the year that may impact particular foci.

External Partnerships
Given Edvestors’ goal of having a sustainable system impact that is equity-driven, we believe it is also vital that we collaborate with external stakeholders to strengthen the work being done to improve students’ mathematics education in BPS. As we move forward, we will be partnering with mathematics education researchers, practitioners, and advocates to develop and execute multi-faceted projects designed to better understand how students experience mathematics in BPS. This includes understanding what changes they desire, how teachers and leaders view the problems and issues associated with mathematics teaching and learning, and what parents and families believe is necessary for their children’s success in mathematics.