Announcements / EdVestors 21st Annual Education Showcase

EdVestors 21st Annual Education Showcase

Mar 01, 2024

Join us to learn about on-the-ground, creative solutions happening in schools and explore key education issues.

EdVestors’ annual Education Showcase is an opportunity for our community - educators, nonprofit partners, civic leaders, and supporters - to learn about creative, on-the-ground solutions happening in schools and to explore key issues in education.


Student Panel

Bruno Andrade, Student, Community Academy of Science and Health

Bruno Andrade is an 18-year-old student who is currently attending the Community Academy of Science and Health in Dorchester and will be graduating as a senior in a few weeks. Post high school, Bruno plans on participating in various internships and apprenticeships to learn more about the workforce and discover what his interests are regarding career choice. Last summer, he attended the Bloomberg Arts Internships program and worked in the HR department at Huntington Theatre. Bruno enjoyed his time with the company and learned a lot about theatre/art, all while developing resourceful communication skills.

Emilia Brito Fonseca, Student, Boston Adult Technical Academy

Emilia Fonseca (she/her/hers)is a student at Boston Adult Technical Academy (BATA). She is a member of the Student Site Council at BATA, the Cape Verdean Students Club, and she also serves as a Student Ambassador. A few years ago, she volunteered in Cape Verde at an association for kids during the summer, and she keeps in mind that helping the community should be one of her goals for the future. Recently, she was admitted to 10 colleges, which is an accomplishment because one of her goals is to be one of the first people in her generation to attend college and to be an example for the next. Outside of school, she works during the week at CLIC (Cabral Leadership Innovation Center) as a mentor and supervisor for teenagers. She enjoys reading, watching documentaries, and discussing politics.

Lillianis Rodriguez Rivera, Student, Fenway High School

Lillianis Rodriguez is a senior at Fenway High School. She is a member of student government and holds the position of School President. She is also a part of Fenway's soccer and softball teams. Lillianis has been able to change the way her school connects as a community by advocating for school events and traditions, all while supporting both students and teachers.

Rigorous and Relevant Mathematics Panel

Aisha Daniels, Math Teacher, Henderson K-12 Inclusion School

Ms. Daniels is a mother of one, a daughter; a sister, and an auntie to many!  Born and raised in Massachusetts, she attended public schools, graduating from Central High School. She then went on to the University of Massachusetts-Amherst to earn a degree in psychology with a minor in criminal justice. While at UMASS and thereafter, Ms. Daniels worked with children in several capacities, starting out as a tutor and volunteering at a local elementary school and then becoming a youth counselor at a residential program. She then decided to become an Adolescent Psychologist. The career choice pulled heavily on her heart, and she realized she was not emotionally mature enough for such work. Therefore, she moved on to work in the corporate sector. Years passed, and now Ms. Daniels is a mother and working to take care of her daughter. Ms. Daniels kept meeting strangers, asking, “What school do you work at?”  She always replied, “NONE, I am not a teacher.”  While this happened, a college friend called to ask if education was ever a thought. After many phone calls and strangers asking strange questions, she headed the call and is now a math teacher at the Henderson.

Ana Ferko, Math Teacher, Fenway High School 

Ana Ferko, a native of Albania, commenced her collegiate education in the United States at the age of seventeen on an exchange program. Ana, who had always had a thirst for knowledge, evolved into an educator later in her professional life. She decided to transition from the corporate sector as a CFO of a fish company to the arena of education only five years ago. Ana has extensive experience as an educator in a variety of academic environments. In addition to serving as an adjunct professor and a support teacher for the Early College program that Fenway High School is collaborating with at UMASS Boston, Ana has taught middle school and is currently teaching high school students. Ana was formerly a member of the MCAS Assessment Development Committee for eighth grade mathematics, where she had the opportunity to dive deeper into the subject. Her objective is to establish compelling and inclusive educational settings. Ana's pedagogical approach to mathematics encompasses several key elements: the primacy of relationship-based learning, the incorporation of financial literacy and data science into routine daily math activities, and the establishment of connections between mathematical principles and practical implementations, which makes mathematics relevant and approachable.

Stephen Garschina-Bobrow, Program Director Mathematics, Boston Public Schools

Stephen is passionate about why things work. A career educator, he is committed to equitable access and relevance. As a learner, he struggled with the rigid expectations of schooling. As an educator, he works to connect what students already know and make sense from multiple representations.

He began teaching Math at Fenway High School in Boston, learning the juggling act of an educator. He taught for a couple of years at Winchester High School, returning to Boston in 2001. For 18 years, Stephen taught Math and writing at the Boston Arts Academy, a BPS full-inclusion high school, surrounded by amazing mentors and colleagues. In 2018, he left the classroom to work at the MA Dept of Elementary & Secondary Ed (DESE) and into the realm of education policy. There, he led the statewide secondary pathways initiative, and worked on leadership networking, administrative coaching, and K-12 curriculum evaluation.

After 3.5 years at DESE, he returned to BPS, now in his 2nd year as a Math Program Director. Primarily supporting K-8 schools, Stephen also co-leads a Secondary Math Pathways working group and advises on curriculum policy and implementation, designs & facilitates professional learning, and works with school leaders on instruction and curriculum coherence.

Career Connected Learning Panel

Dave Kramer, Director of Green Partnerships, Boston Green Academy

Dave Kramer, AKA "Big Green Dave," is Boston Green Academy's Director of Green Programs. He believes in the fierce urgency of now when it comes to elevating young people's role in tackling the climate crisis, centering environmental justice, and preparing youth to lead in the sustainability of our community and world. Prior to BGA, he served for two years as Program Director for a transdisciplinary climate change research program at the University of Texas (UT) Austin. Before UT, he spent 20 years working with international environmental and humanitarian organizations after beginning his career teaching middle and high school English, US History, environmental studies, and outdoor education in both Cali, Colombia and Boston. He brings all these experiences and a habit of making connections and keeping his eyes and ears open for opportunities to the BGA community. Dave earned a Certificate in Outdoor Leadership at Greenfield Community College, a Bachelor of Arts in English from Dartmouth College, and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School. Outside of school, Dave spends time running, biking, searching for good tacos, and enjoying New England’s seasons along with his cherished family - his wife, daughter, son, and his two good dogs.

Letta Neely, Executive Director, Apprentice Learning

Arriving at Apprentice Learning in 2019, Letta Neely has been a Summer Instructor, a Program Director, and the VP of Programs. As VP of Programs, she was responsible for guiding program delivery and expansion. Letta attended Indiana University and has extensive experience managing programs for youth at Babson College, Boston Public Schools, JRI Health, and the Sustainability Guild. In addition, she is an acclaimed playwright, poet, and actor. She is a proud parent of an Apprentice Learning alum and a resident of Dorchester.

Jimmy Wyman, Assistant Director School-to-Career, Boston Private Industry Council

Jimmy Wyman currently works with the Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) as the Career Services Director. In his role he oversees Career Specialists who identify, prepare and place Boston Public high school students in paid internships. He supports with providing career connected learning opportunities to Boston Public High schools. Prior to his work at the PIC, he worked with Outward Bound USA and has spent over 15 years working with youth in both traditional and non-traditional educational settings. Additionally, Jimmy worked 4 years with City Year Miami overseeing 20 staff and ensuring all programmatic goals were met for the 5,000 students served by City Year. Before working in Miami, Jimmy spent over 9 years working with youth in Boston in out of school time programming at both Sociedad Latina and Citizen Schools. At Sociedad Latina he designed the Summer Learning Program working with Simmons College, Boston Afterschool and Beyond as well as PEAR to help prevent summer learning loss. He earned his masters degree in education from Lesley University.