Alia Verner

Manager of Strategic School Support

Alia Verner joined Edvestors in August 2018 as the Manager of Strategic School Support for the Zeroing in on Math Initiative. Alia began her career in education as a STEM special education teacher for Teach for America at TechBoston Academy, where she spent three years teaching science and six years teaching mathematics. Prior to Edvestors, Alia worked as a Math Director, Instructional Coach, Curriculum Consultant,  Special Education Liaison,  Edvestors ZioM Fellow, and track coach alongside many other leadership roles in the district of Boston.  During her time as an Edvestors ZioM fellow, she helped design and facilitate a sustainable professional learning model called “Bridging Classrooms” that was selected by the Nellie Mae Grant and piloted in Spring 2018. She also co-founded and served as a Regional Strategy Team Leader for the Boston Education Action Network, an organization committed to providing equal educational opportunities for all students in Boston. Alia believes deeply that all students can learn and is thoughtful about the systems and structures helpful in supporting students towards reaching their goals. Alia graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in Political Science and received a Masters in Teaching from Boston University.  She is currently pursuing her second masters at Harvard in their Education Policy and Management Program.