Driving Change in Urban Schools

Driving change in urban schools through smart, strategic philanthropic investment

EdVestors serves as a catalyst for change in urban schools by identifying and shaping the most effective improvement initiatives, partnering with donors to invest in these efforts, and supporting education project leaders with our hands-on expertise. In addition to stimulating private philanthropic investment, EdVestors serves as the driving force behind multiple reform initiatives in urban schools in order to level the playing field of opportunity and achievement for Boston’s students.

EdVestors is honored to have the support of individuals, foundations, corporations and other organizations from around the country. Through your partnership, we have been able to continue investing in innovative projects and school improvement work through the Urban Education Investment Portfolio and School on the Move Prize, while strengthening our strategic efforts such as the Arts Expansion Initiative and Improving Schools Initiative. We are especially honored to present our 2014 Urban Education Investment Portfolio, announced at the 12th Annual Urban Education Investment Showcase.

While we are proud of our accomplishments, we are urgently reminded of the work that has yet to be done. Now more than ever, we need your support to maintain the momentum of our existing improvement efforts, provide critical guidance about the focus of future reform priorities, and harness external resources for strategic impact.

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