July 11, 2018

4 JP Public Schools to Benefit from $450K in Arts Expansion Grants

The July 10, 2018 Jamaica Plain News article, “4 JP Public Schools to Benefit from $450K in Arts Expansion Grants”, highlights the BPS Arts Expansion grant funding to four JP Public Schools. In total, over $450,000 in grants were provided to Boston Public Schools for arts instruction. From the article:

The Hennigan K-8 School, English High School, JFK Elementary School and Community Academy are four of dozens of schools that are receiving more than $450,000 in grants to provide arts instruction.

The grants are part of the Boston Public Schools (BPS) Arts Expansion initiative, which has schools working with more than 30 arts partners to provide long-term direct arts instruction for the 2018-2019 school year.

These grants are supported by BPS Arts Expansion funders including the Barr Foundation, the Boston Foundation, Katie and Paul Buttenweiser Foundation, Klarman Family Foundation and Linde Family Foundation.

Read the full article here and to learn more about BPS Arts Expansion, click here