Zeroing in on Math Impact

Zeroing in on Math aims to:

  • Close student knowledge and skill gaps
  • Strengthen teacher math content knowledge & classroom pedagogy
  • Support teachers in organizing classrooms for more effective instruction
  • Improve school leader ability to recognize effective math instruction for use in teacher feedback
  • Create systems & structures to facilitate teacher &  student learning

Our reach:

  • 17 Boston schools (public and charter) using math EdTech software to differentiate instruction
  • 160 teachers participating in the Blended Learning and/or Deeper Learning Cohorts
  • 3,700 students in grades 3-8 receiving access to math EdTech software
  • 76 educators through our network of Math Fellows (current and alumni) across 57 schools

Initial results:

Zeroing in on Math has shown promising initial results. Over the last three years, students have averaged gains of 1.2 to 1.4 years of growth compared to expected growth of .9 years, based on the STAR Math assessment. Even more promising are the results from teachers in the Deeper Learning Cohort. Students of these teachers have averaged 1.3 to 1.6 years of growth.

School leaders and teachers have commented on the impact of the partnership in their schools and classrooms:

  • “The targeted professional development and coaching is creating real shifts in content area knowledge and pedagogy for our teachers.” – School leader
  • “We survey our students at the end of the year and our students all spoke about how much they loved math in the fourth grade, which I think has never happened before at our school.” – School leader
  • “The sessions have helped me improve on student discussion in my room by showing multiple examples of student work in the moment.” – Teacher
  • “I find the feedback to be specific and actionable and feel comfortable taking away one or two things to try in the next few days or weeks.” – Teacher