Current Math Investments

For a third year, EdVestors has invested in school-based math interventions with the intent to close the gap in student math achievement in the middle grades.  Using a blended learning model, most schools use adaptive technology to provide a targeted, personalized learning experience for their students while also allowing the teacher to facilitate learning in the classroom through small group instruction.

Investments for the 2017-18 school year:

Year 3:

Boston Collegiate Charter School, Intervention: Reflex

Edison K-8 School, Intervention: ST Math

Gardner Pilot Academy, Intervention: TenMarks, Reflex

McKay K-8 School, Intervention: ST Math

Mildred Ave K8 School, Intervention: TenMarks

Roosevelt K8 School, Intervention: iReady

Year 2:

Boston Green Academy, Intervention: ST Math, Reflex

Conservatory Lab Charter School, Intervention: TenMarks

Davis Leadership Academy, Intervention: TenMarks

Dearborn STEM Academy, Intervention: ST Math

Frederick Pilot Middle School, Intervention: ST Math, TenMarks

McKinley Middle and McKinley South End Academy Middle School, Intervention: ST Math

Perry K-8 School, Intervention: TenMarks, Reflex

Warren-Prescott K-8 School, Intervention: ST Math, TenMarks

Year 1:

Guild Elementary School, Intervention: Reflex

Mendell Elementary School, Intervention: ST Math