2019-2020 Career Pathways Investments

See the full list 2019-2020 Career Pathways Investments and their descriptions here.

FOCAL Grants: EdVestors supports schools to design and implement initiatives that foster Foundations of Career and Learning (FOCAL) for all students. This year’s grantees are using the statewide individualized career planning approach, MyCAP, as a lens towards ensuring all students see a meaningful pathway for themselves after graduation.

Boston Green Academy (Brighton)

Jeremiah E. Burke High School (Dorchester)

Margarita Muñiz Academy (Jamaica Plain)

McKinley Preparatory High School (Fenway)

TechBoston Academy (Dorchester)

Young Man with a Plan with TechBoston Academy (Dorchester)


IDEAL Grants: EdVestors support schools who are interested in incorporating or enhancing one of six interconnected elements of quality career pathways as defined by Massachusetts Department of Education and Secondary Education. This year’s grantees selected one or more of these areas as a subject of focus towards the development of their Initiative to Deepen and Expand Access to Learning (IDEAL) pillars of career pathways.

Brighter Boston with Boston Arts Academy (Dorchester)

Digital Ready with TechBoston Academy, Boston Green Academy, and Dearborn STEM Academy
(Dorchester, Brighton, Roxbury)

East Boston High School (East Boston)

Fenway High School (Fenway)


Pathway Planning Grants: The Boston Public Schools Career and Technical Education Department in partnership with EdVestors is supporting schools who are interested in participating in a Career Pathway Expansion initiative. Participating schools will receive a year of technical support in 2019-2020 to develop and plan a pathway aligned to emerging labor market opportunities to launch in the 2020-2021 School Year. 

Dearborn STEM Academy (Roxbury)

East Boston High School (East Boston)