Career and Technical Education

EdVestors’ third effort to achieve citywide student impact is to expand Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways as a strategy for improving Boston’s traditional public high schools.

Why Career and Technical Education?

Data from CTE models show that students involved in CTE are more likely to graduate, enroll in college, get a job, and earn higher wages. CTE pathways built on best practices can help to close opportunity and achievement gaps by providing access to rigorous coursework, non-academic student supports, exposure to work-based learning and career readiness, and opportunities for college and career exploration. We believe that expanding CTE pathways can be part of the equation for addressing the challenges facing Boston’s traditional public high schools.

EdVestors’ Current Efforts

At the school-level, we’re partnering with the BPS Office of Career and Technical Education to support BPS high schools to plan and develop new CTE pathways for launch in fall 2019. We’re also working with several BPS high schools to deepen the quality of existing CTE pathways at their schools.

At the district-level, we’re partnering with key stakeholders to develop a blueprint for implementation of high-quality CTE pathways across the district.