Philip H. Gordon Legacy Fund

phil gordon sidebarEdVestors has become the driving force behind multiple education reform initiatives to level the playing field of opportunity and achievement for Boston’s students, thanks in large part to the vision and efforts of our late co-founder, Philip H. Gordon. Inspired by Phil’s ethic of service and his commitment to excellence and equity in education, EdVestors established the Gordon Legacy Fund in 2014, with the help of Phil’s family, friends and colleagues. The Fund enables EdVestors to present the $50,000 Gordon Legacy Award to a promising idea at the annual Urban Education Investment Showcase, one of Phil’s principal innovations in the founding of EdVestors and a vital resource for urban school improvement in Boston.

Gordon Collaborative Space

EdVestors is honored to pay tribute to our co-founder, Philip H. Gordon, with the dedication of the Gordon Collaborative Space. In this new space, we will continue to implement Phil’s founding vision for equitable, excellent and effective education for all Boston children through our collaborative approach, and honor all who generously contributed to the Gordon Legacy Fund.

Gordon Legacy Fund Investors


Frieze Family Foundation
Bill Schawbel

$50,000 to $99,9999

Charlotte Foundation
Gordon Family Foundation
Klarman Family Foundation
Mindy and Reuben Munger

$10,000 to $49,999

Lucy Algere and Wendell Knox
Carol and Howard Anderson
Lynne Brainerd and Michael Douvadjian
Larson Family Foundation
Kathy and Jim McHugh
Andy Moser
David Simon and Susie Galvin
Jeanne Steig
Jean Tempel
Mike and Nancy Tooke

$1,000 to $9,999

Amy and David Abrams
Robert Beal
Linda and Ken Beardsley
Patricia Bellinger and Dick Balzer
Melanie Calzetti-Spahr and Jay Spahr
Constance and Lewis Counts
Amy and Ethan d’Ablemont Burnes
Ian and Jen Deason
John H. Deknatel Family Fund
Ruth Ellen Fitch
Deborah Frieze
Kate Guedj
Tony Helies
Martha Jackson
Ira Jackson
Carol Johnson
Florence Koplow
Kim and Gary Kulp
Jo Frances Kaplan and John Meyer
Lucy and Ward Mooney
Frances Moyer
Mary and Sherif Nada
Ellen and Tom Payzant
Sue and Bernie Pucker
Elizabeth Reilinger
Mr. and Mrs. Remondi
Malcom Sherman
Spencer Foundation
Patricia Squire
Dick Vitale
Judy and Sib Wright

Under $1,000

Estelle and David Andelman
Nicole Bahnam
Lisa Ballerini
Barbara Beers
Phyllis and Paul Berz
Leslie and Mitchell Cohen
Hardin and Gail Coleman
Michael and Joan Contompasis
Lee Cote
Nancy and Bill Dandridge
Thomas de Simone
Anuradha Desai and Michael Sheridan
Ronni and Ron Druker
Bryan Ganz
John Growdon
Linda Hill and Roger Breitbart
Janice Jackson
Rona Kiley
Catherine Krane
Jacob Levkowicz
Beatriz McConnie Zapater
Kathleen McDermott and Bill Nigreen
Susan Passoni and Malcom McDonald
Amy and Jonathan Poorvu
Marinell Rousamaniere
Karen and Richard Rudman
Stacey Schechter
Klare Shaw
Stephen Sigel
Katherine Sloan
Rick Tagliaferri
Dorothy and Andrew Tananbaum
Susan Tofias
Bobby Wilkerson
Luke Wright