Career &Technical Education Planning & Project Management Position

Position Summary: 

In close partnership with the Boston Public Schools (BPS), EdVestors seeks a candidate with strong project management and school-based program development skills to work primarily at East Boston High School (EBHS) as they roll out new career pathways and plan for future pathways during the 2017-18 school year.


Working closely with EBHS administrators and staff, BPS CTE leaders, and EdVestors staff:

  • Coordinate project and program management plan that guides pathways launching in fall 2017.
  • Develop and implement plan for Year 2 of existing pathways and subsequent pathways for launching in fall 2018 – aviation and others TBD – including curriculum, staffing, PD, industry advisory boards, etc.
  • Support teachers and administrators in developing a focused, high-quality program of study and identify professional learning and other needs for staff involved in pathways including through support of common planning time of pathway teachers.
  • Serve as relationship manager and broker between key players: Pathway teachers, guidance, administration, Boston Private Industry Council, among others.
  • Work with teachers, guidance and student support staff to identify where students need additional support in order to be successful in the pathway of their choosing.
  • Organize student recruitment efforts for grade 10 students including schedule of activities, in-school opportunities to expose students to pathways, and showcase student work done in pathways.
  • Facilitate recruitment to and meetings of industry advisory boards for each pathway, provide opportunities for advisory boards and other external stakeholders to experience student work.
  • Help coordinate and streamline post-secondary links (dual enrollment, articulation agreements) and plan for students to have work-based learning experiences.

What success looks like:

At the end of the year…

  • Plans that were developed in concert with the School, BPS CTE leadership and EdVestors were successfully executed.
  • Pathway teachers will report that they were supported and their needs were addressed so they and their students could be successful
  • School staff will be ready to implement Year 2 of the existing pathways and roll out new pathways
  • Industry advisory boards up and running with effective key partners in place.

Key skills and attributes desired:

  • Expertise in school-based program planning and implementation and managing logistics and plans through an urban school district.
  • Knowledge of Career and Technical Education.
  • Understanding of urban public high school. Boston Public Schools experience preferred but not required.
  • Availability for September-June; hours and structure of employment negotiable.

To Apply:

This is a one year position with potential for longer term employment. Please send in one document a resume and brief cover letter describing how you learned of the position and insight into how your skills and experience will allow you to execute the responsibilities of the position. Please direct your application to Amy Luster at including the position title and your last name in subject line of email. Preference to responses received by September 8th.