Career Pathways

EdVestors’ third effort to achieve citywide student impact is to expand Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways as a strategy for improving Boston’s traditional public high schools.

Why Career Pathways?

Data from CTE models show that students involved in CTE are more likely to graduate, enroll in college, get a job, and earn higher wages. CTE pathways built on best practices can help to close opportunity and achievement gaps by providing access to rigorous coursework, non-academic student supports, exposure to work-based learning and career readiness, and opportunities for college and career exploration. We believe that expanding CTE pathways can be part of the equation for addressing the challenges facing Boston’s traditional public high schools.

EdVestors’ Year 1 Efforts

At the school-level, we partnered with the BPS Office of Career and Technical Education to support BPS high schools to plan and develop new CTE pathways launching in fall 2019. We also worked with several BPS high schools to deepen the quality of existing CTE pathways at their schools. Investments in our first year included:

  • Biotech pathways at East Boston High School and New Mission High School
  • Computer Science pathway at Dearborn STEM Academy
  • Technical support at East Boston High School and The English High School

At the district-level, we partnered with key stakeholders to develop a blueprint for implementation of high-quality CTE pathways across the district. This includes co-leading the BPS high school Career Pathways Working Group.

We are continuing and expanding our work in career and technical education in school year 2020-2021, check out our grant opportunities below.

Grant Seekers

The deadline for SY2020-21 applications has passed. Thank you for your interest, for more information please contact

EdVestors seeks to partner with schools and their career focused nonprofit partners  in several  ways:

EdVestors will award grants up to $10,000 in each category for schools working on career learning and career pathways.

Word Doc versions of applications are available on the right panel for reference only.

  1. Career Pathway Expansion Planning Grant will provide interested schools technical support in SY2020-21 for a year of planning to develop a new career pathway. These pathways, leading to college and career readiness, technical competencies, work-based learning and post-secondary opportunities, and credentialing will be launched to students in SY2021-2022.
  2. Foundations of Career and Academic Learning (FOCAL Grants) will support schools and their career-focused nonprofit partner organizations, who are interested in integrating school-wide efforts around career readiness, with specific attention on leveraging personalized learning plans or MyCAP.
  3. Initiative for Deepening and Expanding Access to Learning through Career Pathways (IDEAL Career Pathways Grants) will support schools and their career-focused nonprofit partner organizations to increase student access and persistence in existing career pathways by supporting pathway development in one of six quality elements defined by DESE.


  • Public schools (district or charter) in Boston that enroll students in grades inclusive of 9-12 and with a demonstrated interest in career learning. Alternative education schools and programs as well as buildings with 7-12 or 6-12 grades configurations are welcome to apply.
  • A nonprofit organization with an existing partnership in a Boston school including grades 9-12 focused on career learning and skill building through their school-based partnership work. (FOCAL and IDEAL Career Pathway Grants only)
  • Schools and partner organizations must be able to demonstrate commitment to a school-connected planning and implementation process which allows them to effectively design, implement, and measure their efforts.


Can I apply to more than one grant?

  • Schools eligible for Career Pathways Expansion Planning grants may apply for up to one (1) additional grant type (FOCAL or IDEAL). We are not able to support more than one application for planning grants per school.

Can I apply for multiples of the same type of grant?

 At EdVestors, our goal is to support holistic work to plan, implement, and enhance high quality career pathways and career learning experiences for students. We understand that the proposal process can make this challenging, given the tendency to propose discrete projects to align with specific grant opportunities.  We encourage applicants to consider their career pathways and career learning needs holistically in their application.

  • If you are interested in submitting proposals for more than one project within the IDEAL or FOCAL category, we ask that you submit one combined proposal and describe how these projects may be connected to each other  and/or the overall school strategy, rather than two separate proposals. We will allocate resources based on project scope.

If I received a Career Pathway Expansion Planning, IDEAL, or FOCAL grant in a previous year, am I eligible to apply for another opportunity this year?

  • For Career Pathways Expansion Planning Grants, you are eligible to apply and must be planning a new pathway. A reminder that strong proposals will have previously been in conversations with the BPS CTE Office.
  • IDEAL and FOCAL Grants– Yes, you are eligible to re-apply  to continue to deepen and enhance your work around career learning. We hope you will include brief updates of how the work will continue to evolve.