EdVestors works in three ways:

  1. First, we seed promising ideas. The School Solutions Seed Fund makes direct grants to schools so they can pilot and test innovative solutions. We reached 3,500 students in 63 schools over the last year.
  2. Second, we shine a spotlight on improving schools through the annual $100,000 School on the Move Prize, which rewards schools that have made major strides in improving academic performance. Each year we publish the effective strategies of the winning school to inform the work of educators.
  3. Third, we scale efforts to close opportunity and achievement gaps through our three current strategic initiatives in:
    1. Arts education: Research shows that students who receive arts education improve their ability to think creatively and schools that offer arts education improve school climate and student engagement. Through BPS Arts Expansion, we have transformed access to quality in-school arts education for Boston Public School students. Today, 17,000 more students annually receive arts education as compared with a decade ago and our private investment has leveraged 5:1 an increase in the BPS district budget for arts education.
    2. Middle grades math: Two out of three Boston eighth graders are not proficient in math by the 8th Through Zeroing in on Math we are working with 19 Boston schools to address this crisis; boosting math skills for 3,800 students and readying them to take algebra and other advanced math courses that pave the way to college and career success. Thus far, on average, the proficiency of participating students has moved ahead by four to six months beyond the year of expected progress.
    3. Career pathways: To effectively support and prepare Boston students to be competitive candidates and meet labor market demand, career pathways in Boston’s public high schools must equip students with the academic, technical, and social fluency to thrive in high school and beyond. Through our Career Pathways initiative, we are helping high schools to plan and provide quality career and technical education opportunities for more Boston students, preparing them to qualify for the fields that hold the employment opportunities of the future.

Across all of our program areas, EdVestors’ work is animated by our core organizational values of equity, excellence, evidence, and effectiveness. We are committed to long-term effort to improve educational outcomes for Boston’s students.