F. Lyman Winship Elementary School

Neighborhood: Brighton

Grade Levels:  K1-5

Number of students: 240

Principal: Brian Radley, since 2020

The Winship is a small elementary school located just behind Brighton Center. Their student population reflects more than 35 different countries and almost half speak a language other than English at home. The school focuses on providing students with education through STEAM-based experiences. They credit their improvement to revamping their school pedagogy, emphasizing student-centered learning.

Key Improvement Strategies:

  • Use of Data: The Winship used student data to implement supports and instructional practices that aim to improve student engagement and achievement. Creating a culture centered around data, Winship teachers and staff regularly examine summative and formative student data in all spaces where adults meet. Teachers and administrators use this data-informed decision-making process to plan lessons and learning experiences.
  • Professional Development: Over the past four years, the Winship’s professional development has focused on defining their Instructional Focus; Creating Student-Centered Learning Environments. Collectively, they defined and refined what a student-centered learning environment “looks” and “feels” like so that there is a common vision and language.
  • Instructional Practice: As a direct impact of the above two strategies, the Winship moved to school-wide implementation of classroom practices that adopt rigorous, student-centered learning opportunities that are engaging and meet the current and diverse needs of the school community.

*improvement is measured in the change in standard deviations from the mean (SD units) between 2015 and 2019, compared to schools with similar grade levels