Patrick J. Kennedy Elementary School

Neighborhood: East Boston

Grade LevelsK1-6

Number of students: 280

Principal: Kristen Goncalves, since 2016

The Patrick J. Kennedy Elementary School in East Boston with a population of 282 students has historically had one of the highest percentages of English Language Learners (ELL) in Boston, serving a high number of immigrant families and welcoming newcomers throughout the year. The PJ Kennedy was named a “Family Friendly” school by the BPS Office of Engagement.

Primary School Improvement Strategies:

  • Family Engagement: During the pandemic the PJ Kennedy focused on strengthening their foundation of family engagement. Extending beyond just academics, all staff committed to connecting with a group of families consistently to support family wellness and provide a tiered level of support as needed.
  • Tools for Success: The school created and outsourced resources to support families, students, and staff during the pandemic. These included technology support videos in English and Spanish and physical learning materials distributed to students monthly.
  • Collaborative Professional Development: Building on collaborative work done over the past five years, the school created a responsive and robust professional development plan to respond to the pandemic that included working closely with fellow East Boston schools.