James Otis Elementary School

Neighborhood: East Boston

Grade LevelsK1-6

Number of students: 410

Principal: Paula Cerqueira-Goncalves, since 2010

Located in East Boston, the James Otis Elementary School with a population of 410 students has a 3-strand classroom model including General Education, Inclusion, and Sheltered Immersion classrooms. Nearly three quarters of the student population has a first language other than English. Reflective of the student diversity, Otis teachers are also multilingual.

Primary School Improvement Strategies:

  • Strong Leadership and Collaboration: Strong leadership at the school has helped to develop a family community at the Otis. All staff work together to ensure the success of each student, and families are welcomed into classrooms to observe student learning.
  • Partnerships: The Otis has leveraged partnerships with local universities and community organizations to provide teacher professional development, increase student engagement in STEM, and provide material aid during the pandemic.
  • Meeting the Needs of Students: The Otis’ commitment to helping all students reach their full potential includes providing wraparound services to families and providing professional development focused on race and critical consciousness to teachers, enabling students to see themselves in their learning.