New Mission High School

Neighborhood: Hyde Park

Grade Levels: 7-12

Number of students: 470

Head of School: Will Thomas, since 2020

Located in Hyde Park, New Mission is a smaller Boston Public high school with a population of 470 students, serving a majority Black and Latinx student population. In 2018 New Mission expanded to include grades 7 and 8 and will continue to expand seats in those grades through the next few years.

Primary School Improvement Strategies:

  • Academic Rigor & Support: High expectations throughout the school ensure that students are prepared post-graduation. This can be seen in their “AP-for-all” philosophy and in their career and college pathways and personalized student supports.
  • Relationship Building: New Mission builds relationships with students daily through academic advising, project-based learning, and adult-student relationships focused on social-emotional wellness. This structure provided students with the supports they needed during the pandemic while keeping an emphasis on learning.
  • Professional Development & Leadership: New Mission uses a theory of action in which all staff take on leadership roles. Monthly professional development and ongoing 1:1 coaching allow staff to grow their skills.